Landscape viewer from walkway.
Landscape viewer with mirrored landscapes.
Overview from southeast.
Competition site plan with preferred and secondary sites.
Competition sky and landscape view scenarios.
Mock-ups and fabrication.
South elevation.
West elevation.


Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, OK

One of five winners of an invited competition for innovative pavilion structures titled LANDed, which implies both a connection with and detachment from site, [AND]SCAPES attempts to bring together ground, landscape, and sky through the direct manipulation of views. [AND]SCAPES hovers above the ground - a doorless, floorless cinematic space - operating externally as a level against which the natural terrain is registered.

Internally, the pavilion is a double-ended viewing apparatus, framing and extending the landscape. One end is a deep frame that edits the horizontal vista looking south. The side walls of this frame are reflective, visually extending the landscape through mirrored repetition, distorting its features in the process. A 45-degree mirror on the north offers a visual slice of extended/recombined sky and tree canopy. To access the device, visitors duck under side panels, conscious of the soil/topography with which they are in constant contact - the pavilion’s natural floor.