Zipper-Ball group in Dance Corridor.
Weather balloons staged in Zipper-Ball Dance Corridor.
Digital morphing 4-Square Game Zone with scrim dividers.
Fog-Pong zone.
Skylight Studio: event layout.
Video dance lesson grotto.
Weather balloon mock-up at LRA.
Zipper-Ball Dance Corridor.


The Architectural League New York, Beaux Arts Ball 2008, New York, NY

Given the theme of “playtime” for the ALNY’s annual fundraiser at Skylight Studios in New York City, the team shaped nine play zones around nine different ball typologies. The physicality of engaging occupiable zipper-balls, 8’ diameter weather balloons, four-square balls, ping-pong balls, soap bubbles and more, activated the space with a surprising range of individual
and group performances.

Play zones were defined by translucent scrim panels providing a sense of enclosure, while allowing a veiled view to groups in adjacent spaces. The norms of ball sports were challenged by designed anomalies in each game’s structure. Fog-Pong offered a side-by-side version of the game situated in a dense bank of artificial fog. Digitally projected four-square courts continuously morphed (through an LRA-created animation) changing the rules of the game even as it was being played. Playtime was installed in four hours and broken down in two hours after the event.

Created in collaboration with LevenBetts and OBRA Architects.