Detail of diagonal faculty text dispenser-wall face.
Split-shift title/display islands w/ perimeter grey zones.
Overview of diagonal title & dispenser islands.
Elevation of faculty text dispenser-wall w/ graphic overlay.
Detail of side-cut, exposed section display case.
LRA-created exhibition logo + title wall layout.


Krannert Art Museum, Krannert Art Museum, Champaign, IL

The relationships between the outside of a building and its interior, and between someone’s public face and the workings of his/her mind, are the subject of this gathering of recent art. Gender roles, racial stereotypes, architectural foils, and assumptions of all kinds come into play in this investigation.

A series of perimeter “zones-of-grey” define the territory of each artist’s work. Video works project in the darkest of these zones and wall-mounted works hang in the two lighter zones based on curatorial adjacencies. Three split-shift double walls form diagonal islands that organize the exhibition. The islands provide additional hanging space and one is programmed as
dispenser wall for the distribution of interpretive faculty texts - each text stack displayed in individual niches created between steel wall studs, exposed in a horizontal cut-away band. Author credits and quotes are overlaid on both finished wall surface and exposed interior wall cavity.