Second floor landing with escalator tube, study room corridor, and group zone branch corridor.
Overview of quiet zone with small group tables and large study tables along 14th Street beyond.
Exposed terra-cotta tile clad column.
Group room with corridor meeting pocket beyond.
Model of second floor view from northwest with reorganized core, group rooms, branch corridors, and meeting niches.
Escalator tube.
Second floor meeting room zone, student services suite, and dedicated escalator tube connecting to street level lounge zone.
Opened perimeter windows at 5th Ave & 14th St corner allow southeast morning sun to fill the study zone.


The New School, The New School, New York, NY

Situated on two floors of an existing 1903 building located on Fifth Avenue at 14th Street, the Study Center houses new lounge spaces, study niches, laptop bars, quiet study areas, shared meeting and working spaces, as well as the University’s Student Services offices. The ground floor opens visually to the street, works to strengthen the School’s graphic presence
on the Avenue, and provides a lively social nexus and contemporary space for casual student meeting and discussion.

Accessed from the street via a vibrant escalator “tube”, large open study zones fill the daylit perimeter of the second floor, and self-organize around a conceptually solid core. Brightly colored transitional spaces are carved out of this core of acoustically private study zones, creating vivid segues to a diverse range of environments for individual, small group, large group, and special needs study. R+L worked with key user groups to establish a vital program that emerges directly from the students themselves.

Lyn Rice, principal and Astrid Lipka, associate principal
Benjamin Cadena, designer
Zach Hinchliffe, Daphne Binder, Christina Nguyen, project team

Buro Happold, Richard Shaver Architectural Lighting, Lally Acoustics, Ducibella Venter & Santore, consultants