Pleated sidewall create a two-way graphic with branding visible on the approach. A full height mirrored back wall reflects brand imagery.
Mirrored side walls visually extend an array of vertical steel rods creating an infinite floating datum of handbags.
A series of rotating panels can reconfigure itself to privilege front to back, side to side or diagonal circulation and display. Sidewalls are mirrored to visually extend the directional field.
Floating datum of bags visually extended by mirrored side walls.
The single accordion surface has two sides which can graphically programmed with contrasting content such as text and images.
Panels create pockets of space which can be configured to emphasize various product groups.
Mirrored side wall extend the space of the store and visually float the cantilevered diagonal boxes.


Jorinal Development Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China

High-end leather goods manufacturer, Dissona, ask us to reconceptualize and energize the brand and experiment with a new environmental identity. The compact concept store site is situated within a large Shenzhen shopping mall and we produced a range of approaches that worked to perceptually enlarge the space and present product with a gallery exhibition sensibility.

Proposals range from spare cantilevered wall boxes that highlight just a handful of products while providing storage within, to field arrays of vertical panels and poles, to pleated side wall schemes that are perceived completely differently from outside and within.

Benjamin Cadena, project architect
Andrew Dadds, Taylor Dover, designers