Cantilevered light boxes and dissolving wall finish.
Shop overview.
Staggered light boxes cantilever off of the glossy white side wall which dissolves into mirror.
Aerial axons illustrating the two sides of the shop - staggered light boxes wall and faceted display "L" cabinet.
Plan sections cut at different cabinet levels and illustrating the faceting of the back panel.


Jorinal Development Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China

The project for high-end leather goods manufacturer, Dissona, creates a new identity for the brand and conceives of the space in a way that achieves the store's desired product density while amplifying the character of each item individually. Four simple elements define the shop: a series of cantilevered light boxes, faceted wall cabinets, light tables, and a split display island. A white high gloss side wall dissolves into a mirrored surface to visually enlarge the compact 450sf space.

The store was conceived of as a prototype for future Dissona stores throughout China and sites for the next installations are currently being identified for work in 2012.

Benjamin Cadena, project architect
Andrew Dadds, Taylor Dover, designers